Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot


  • Comfort – 7/10
  • Stability – 8/10
  • Traction – 7/10
  • Durability – 7/10

From the outside, Montara looks like a solid hiking shoe. It is hands down the most stylish hiking shoe on our list.

It has zero break-in time and you immediately feel the extra cushioning near your heels. Thanks to its double-density midsole, Montara shines through on uneven terrain. At just 1.5 lbs. It’s extremely easy.

On the other hand, the toe box is narrow which makes your feet a little uncomfortable. The traction is also a mixed bag. While it excels on granite, it doesn’t offer the same performance the muddier trail.

If you are looking for a stylish couple for a little day hike, Montara is your best buy.


  • The Montara adapts to your feet right from the get-go, and the padded collars give additional comfort to your heels
  • The combination of dual density midsole and Ahnu’s Numentum HIKE technology, the Montara is one of the more stable shoes. (It truly shines one uneven terrain)
  • At just 1.5 lbs. it is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for a small day hike


  • Due to a narrow toe box, your feet begin to feel tired after an exhausting hike
  • The lacing system is below average
  • Ankle support is minimal

Bottom Line

The Montara was designed exclusively for women and stands for style. It doesn’t do a bad job of comfort and support either.