Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot


  • Comfort – 7/10
  • Stability – 6/10
  • Traction – 6/10
  • Durability – 6/10

As with other lightweight hiking boots, the running-in time for the Ridge Plus is minimal. The cushioning is average, but the padded collars give the ankles extra support.

The upper can withstand tiny amounts of water, but doesn’t expect it to hold a large jet of water. The outsole grips the surface quite well and overall the shoe offers good support.

The toe box is narrow and we do not recommend these longer hikes. In addition, the processing quality is average, so that the rough terrain cannot be mastered.

Overall, this is an average walking shoe that can be used for an occasional weekend hike.


  • Provides decent support and comfort for your ankles
  • The traction is surprisingly good, especially on an uneven rocky terrain
  • Provide adequate water resistance on a rainy day or slightly wet terrain


  • The sole and the upper wear down fairly quickly. (Don’t expect this to last long)
  • The toe box is super narrow. (The shoe begins to bit after few hours)

Bottom Line

With a bestseller tag on Amazon, this Columbia hiking shoe is recommended for the casual hike.